Our service will snag the property to a high standard on behalf of the client and send a written report with photographic evidence within 48hrs to be passed to the contractor, who can then complete the works as requested before the client moves in.

We will also revisit the property once confirmation has been received that all defects have been completed to carry out a de-snag inspection.

Please see SLA for full details of our service (click to open)

1: Heating

  • a. The heating system will be checked for functionality and that radiators heat through as required.

2: Smoke Alarms

  • a. All smoke/heat alarms will be tested. (Please note that Humphrey Belle are only testing that the alarm sounds when the “test” button is pressed and are not responsible for any underlying fault.)

3: Appliances

  • a. All appliances will be switched on and the basic operations tested. Should a washing machine and dishwasher be present a short cycle will be run to test for leaks.

4: Decoration

  • a. All walls, ceilings and woodwork will be checked in natural daylight – where there is no natural light we will use the lights fitted in each room. Torches or spotlights will not be used.
  • b. We will be checking the overall quality of the workmanship and will highlight anything that appears to need extra work in our opinion.

5: Flooring

  • a. Timber – Will be checked for installation errors, scratches, indents and chips.
  • b. Tiles – Will be checked for uneven finishes, cracking to grout, and general appearance of tiles.
  • c. Laminate – Will be checked for lifting, marks and shrinkage.

6: Windows/Balcony doors/Terrace doors

  • a. All will be checked that they have full functionality.
  • b. Frames will be checked for chips, scratches and marks. Glass will be checked for scratches and defects in accordance with guidelines.

7: Internal and Front entrance doors

  • a. These will be checked for chips, dents and scratches.
  • b. Door furniture will be checked for functionality and appearance.
    • i. hinges
    • ii. catches and keeps
    • iii. handles
    • iv. spy hole and security chains

8: Kitchen units and surfaces

  • a. All units will be checked for dents, scratches and marks.
  • b. All doors will be checked to confirm that they close as intended i.e. soft close and that they are in uniform with adjacent unit doors.
  • c. All surfaces will be checked for marks, scratches and that they are fitted correctly and solidly.

9: Hot and Cold water

  • a. The water supply will be tested to ensure there is hot and cold water to all sinks and basins and that all toilet flushes work correctly.
  • b. Baths and showers will be run to ensure that the hot/cold water mixes correctly where applicable – (Please note that Humphrey Belle are only testing that hot water is present and not that it has been set to any pre-determined temperature.)

10: Lighting, switches and sockets

  • a. All lights will be checked that they are working at the time of the inspection.
  • b. Sockets and switches will be tested for functionality.
  • c. CCU board will be checked that it has been signed off correctly – (Please note that Humphrey Belle are only checking that the electrical circuits are operational at the end points and are not responsible for any underlying problems.)

11: Mastic to wet areas

  • a. We will always try to test, where possible, that mastic has been applied properly to wet areas and that there are no leaks from shower cubicles or bath screens.
  • b. It will also be checked that mastic is applied to all necessary areas i.e. sinks, basins, baths.

This is not an exhaustive list and may change depending on the site and client requirements.

Humphrey Belle will endeavour to inspect each property within NHBC guidelines as we have found that this works in the favour of the client and also reduces conflict with developers.

You can also download our SLA below

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